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【Now you can go straight from Niigata Airport to famous tourist destinations!】
Featuring a Niigata Specialties Giveaway!

Starting this year, launching direct shuttle services (bus/taxi) from Niigata Airport to some of the most famous tourist attractions around the prefecture.
To commemorate the opening of new routes, we are also holding a giveaway of Niigata specialties for the first 1,000 customers!

Giveaway Period

Ends on Feb. 28, 2019
*Please note that the giveaway will automatically end after the first 1,000 winning customers.


Customers must have flown on a regular flight route to Niigata Airport, and must have used one of the direct service routes (shuttle bus or taxi) listed below from Niigata Airport to one or more tourist destinations.

【List of qualifying direct shuttles (bus/taxi) from Niigata Airport (KIJ)】

  • Niigata Port Sado Kisen Terminal
  • Tsukioka Onsen Spa Excursion (Niigata Stn./KIJ⇔Shibata/Tsukioka Spa)
  • Senami Onsen Spa (KIJ⇒Senami Onsen Spa)
  • Yahiko/Iwamuro Onsen Spa (KIJ⇒Yahiko Jinja (Shrine))

Prizes: Niigata Specialties

Eligible customers may choose one of the following prizes. Please note that supplies are limited, and prizes will NOT be available once they are out of stock.

  1. Yasuda Yogurt: Yogurt Drink 150ml 【A local Niigata specialty】
  2. “Pepper Seeds” rice crackers 【Rice Snacks made in Niigata】
  3. Echigo Beer Pilsner* 350ml 【Craft Beer brewed in Niigata】
  4. Funaguchi Kikusui Ichibanshibori* (“The First Brew”) 【brewed in Niigata】
  5. Koshihikari Rice by Echigo-Yukimuroya, aged at low temperatures 【cultivated in Niigata】
  6. “Kaki” Chocolate【Rice Snacks made in Niigata】

* Please note that Japanese law strictly prohibits the consumption of alcoholic beverages by any persons under the age of 20. Thank you for your understanding.

To receive your prize

Please present the flyer below and answer the questionnaire, your flight boarding pass and a ticket or receipt (request a receipt from your shuttle driver) of the shuttle to a member of the staff at the souvenir shop Acacia, located on the 2nd floor of the Niigata Airport terminal. Hours of operation are from 7:15 to 19:30.

For more information

Please refer to the flyer below.